Fostering Development Through Empowerment

Who we are and what we believe.

We are a small, woman-owned cultural and landscape heritage consulting company that fosters development through empowerment. We believe in an approach that begins and ends with the community - to engage, educate, and empower residents to improve upon their physical environment, economy, and society together. We believe in a holistic, trans-disciplinary approach that draws from those disciplines operating at the intersection of the spatial and social including architecture, landscape architecture, architectural history, planning, geography, and anthropology. 

Our services.

  • To manage and execute large-scale conservation and development projects.
  • To design and facilitate community workshops.
  • To design site management plans for buildings and cultural landscapes in rural and urban environments.
  • To engage in the adaptive reuse of sites and infrastructure, the improvement of public space, and contextual planning.
  • To survey record, and synthesize tangible and intangible heritage.